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Delivering Innovative Gas Solutions

GGIL is a leading company for the designing, producing of gas solutions, trading of accessories and spare parts for gas devices and services as commissioning, maintenance and training courses on its equipment.

Why we're the leading gas plant company


We produce complete solutions for pre-heating, filtering, reducing, metering and control for Natural Gas and LPG, cartridge filters, LPG vaporizers, SNG air/lpg mixing unit, CNG heat exchangers and complete PRS, metal cabinet, LPG skid for filling vehicles and cylinders, piping and tailor-made pieces, customized as well.


We are able to offer services to the customers as mechanical maintenance on gas plants and equipments with selling of spare parts coming from leading producers, electronic maintenance, assembling and commissioning on field, training courses focalized on our equipments (example lpg vaporizers) and scheduled with our customers.

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